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digital humans to enhance your marketing efforts

NMP's solutions business offers integrated solutions for advanced marketing - including Brand Genius, an integrated full-service, AI-powered, conversational, brand representative that can connect your business with customers leveraging your existing marketing channels.  Brand Genius can be integrated with your website, mobile app, and even your TV advertising.

Brand Genius Dashboard.png
  • Turnkey service

  • Carefully trained AI models

  • Fully conversational interaction

  • Desktop, tablet, mobile

  • Full screen and AR modes

  • Visual storytelling and engagement

  • Realtime data collection

  • First-party data management for attribution and full-funnel conversion

Have a chat with NMP's own Brand Genius, Nemepa (click above), and then call for a demo of our end-to-end solution for advanced marketing and measurement. We'll tell you all about how you can integrate a Brand Genius into your marketing campaigns with all the benefits of measurement, customer insights, first-party data, and more.

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