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promote using the metaverse

with a leading U.S. media marketing company

The client, one of the nations top 5 local advertising sales organizations, approached Next Media Partners (NMP) with a goal of creating an impactful and memorable event to share with its top advertising buyers as they introduce new media products for marketing campaigns. The client new that NMP was experienced in creating high quality user experiences using the latest technology.  Working with the client on a rapid-fire ideation session NMP and the client landed on creating a deeply immersive on-brand metaverse experience where new products could be displayed, interacted with, as part of a shared experience between their advertiser customer and a salesperson. NMP was given a 4-month window for ideation through delivery.


NMP started a well-proven design approach – digitally sketching ideas to present numerous creative alternatives to this deeply immersive experience. This approach assured that many avenues were explore prior to spending on 3D modelers and coders to build out the experience.  With the design objectives confirmed with the client, NMP built a detailed workplan to be carefully program managed, including regularly scheduled client reviews to gather feedback and course correct if needed. 

Metaverse 1.png


The client received a flexible 3D metaverse environment that was outfitted for the initial target audience of regional auto dealers.  The solution provided for easy updates to address new audiences for the client’s planned road show, and eventual open-to-all metaverse experience. 


NMP's expertise and experience in creating and executing metaverse experiences for clients resulted in a successful engagement for the client. The audience for this experience all reported near 100% recall of the products and services, and 5 out of 5 rating for the quality of the experience in post event surveys.

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