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A collaboration between NMP and the best AI components creating interactive solutions for the metaverse:

  • Interactional AI for conversational engagement, training, entertainment.

  • NMP business planning and strategies for UX design, development and deployment.


  • Real-time conversational AI for the metaverse.

  • NEMEPA, the latest partner at Next Media Partners is our metaverse oracle.

intelligent avatars for business

Here are a few things to know 

  • NEMEPA is a humanized avatar that can see, hear, and speak with you.

  • She is prototype for wide-scale deployment of intelligent avatars for business and entertainment.

  • Talk with NEMEPA about anything from technology to the meaning of life.

  • Look right at her and let her observe your reactions and behavior.

  • Throw her a compliment or ask an interesting question.

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