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A conversational AI-powered Brand Genius in our meeting

NMP’s Gerard Kunkel and Patrick Donoghue recently met in the metaverse using their Quest Pro VR headsets to check out Meta’s latest release of Horizon Workrooms (an immersive virtual space where teams can work together, from anywhere.) This time around Gerard and Patrick brought in Nemepa, an NMP brand representative, to have a discussion about NMP’s recently announced Brand Genius.

Bridging the Gap: The Power of NMP's Brand Genius

At Next Media Partners, we've always been at the forefront with regards to merging cutting-edge technology and award-winning user experience with innovative marketing strategies. Our NMP Brand Genius service truly encapsulates the potential of conversational AI to

transform the advertising landscape. Patrick Donohue, my partner, and I had the opportunity to showcase Nemepa, our own Brand Genius, in one of our Horizon Workrooms, demonstrating how far technology has come and the versatility of our Brand Genius.

An Immersive Demonstration

Bringing Nemepa into Workrooms was an eye-opening experience. The virtual environment allowed us to engage with our AI-powered avatar in real-time, highlighting its capability to act as a brand representative and a marketing ally. This demonstration was not just a glimpse into the future but a testament to the present capabilities of AI in enhancing customer engagement.

The Value Proposition of Brand Genius

Bridging Traditional and Digital Marketing: Brand Genius is designed to seamlessly integrate traditional and digital marketing efforts, providing a unified interface for consumer interaction. Managed like an ad or marketing campaign, Brand Genius encourages consumers to connect with marketers through a digital human, making the engagement more personal and impactful. This is done with Internet and Web standards married to the latest in 3D rendering and AI cloud-based services.  It has a front-end and back-end management system built on a real-time database.  With this design we are able to connect TV, digital, and traditional ads to consumers through a conversation – and in turn, gather information from that conversation that will help marketers understand their customer, provide marketing and branding information accurately, and enable follow-ups that move the top-of-funnel conversation to deep engagement and conversion.

Cost-Effective and Always Available: One of the standout features of Brand Genius is its cost-effectiveness. Deploying a Brand Genius is incredibly inexpensive, and these avatars work 24/7 without breaks, fatigue, or frustration. Whether on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, Brand Geniuses carry your message consistently and politely, ensuring your brand's voice is always heard. They require training only once and can be updated within minutes, making them a flexible and dynamic tool for marketers.

Custom Solutions for Unique Needs: At Next Media Partners, we offer a tailored Brand Genius solution. We handle the integration of your campaigns with our digital humans, customizing their knowledge, personality, and appearance to align perfectly with your brand. This bespoke service ensures that your Brand Genius not only represents but also enhances your brand image.

Data-Driven Insights: Our Brand Genius solution connects to a real-time database, recording valuable campaign information and insights from consumer interactions. These digital avatars can be trained to collect essential data such as names, contact information, and more. They can also act as research assistants, gathering insights and answering customer queries in an open-ended, conversational manner.  These conversations can be further analyzed to provide brand or product sentiment, product support insights, creative recommendations, and much more.

Versatile and Multilingual: We pride ourselves on the versatility of our Brand Geniuses. They can be designed to look and sound exactly as you desire, and they can communicate in English, Spanish, and French, with more languages on the horizon. This flexibility allows for a broad reach and personalized engagement across diverse markets.

Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboard: To ensure that our clients can fully leverage the insights gathered by Brand Geniuses, we build detailed reports and provide first-party data. We can even create custom dashboards, enabling advertisers to review data and generate reports as needed. This transparency and accessibility empower marketers to make informed decisions based on real-time information.

Broad Potential, Immediate Applicability: The potential applications for Brand Genius are vast. These digital humans can exist on websites, mobile apps, or any internet-enabled device with a display and microphone. The future of marketing is interactive and conversational, and Brand Genius is leading the charge.

For those interested in exploring the capabilities of Brand Genius, Next Media Partners offers comprehensive consultations and demonstrations. Our service includes a design consultation and setup, with simple campaigns available for a minimal fee. More complex integrations and custom avatars are also available, with ongoing service charges based on usage—typically just pennies per conversation.

Brand Genius is not just a concept; it's a reality available today. Contact Next Media Partners for more information, a demonstration, and a quote. Join us in revolutionizing the way brands connect with their audience through the power of conversational AI.



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