The executive insights service for media & entertainment that starts with eyes-on-glass
You're busy.  We get it.  NMP provides an eyes-on-glass study of your brand elements on today's myriad TV distribution platforms.  All evaluated, packaged, and presented in a professional form by professionals from UX, television, and technology. 

You love your brand.  So do we. 

Valuable Insights



We work with you to identify key target platforms and then put eyes-on-glass



Careful evaluation of your brand and metadata informs a detailed report



Insights are leveraged to advise your execs and team on how to thrive in today's hyper media marketplace

What You Get



A detailed executive report of how your brand appears and goes to work across various distribution platforms in disparate markets


Hundreds to thousands of screen captures from the products that have been observed - providing you with an up-to-date reference of your content discovery and branding



An executive review of the findings with detailed examples and recommendations on where to make improvements to assets, agreements, or strategies


Why it's valuable for you:

We're evaluating programmer brands on legacy and disruptive media platforms all the time.  We can see problems and offer solutions where others may miss the opportunity.  Since we've lived at the intersection of media and technology, and have built many of the most widely deploy media consumption products, we can not only tell what's happening - but we can also tell you why.

Executive Presentation

Getting a bunch of raw images and data is fun, right?  No!  NMP reviews the study findings, analyzes the results, and packages an executive level presentation of the findings for your team -- giving you actionable recommendations, and a logical priority to actions to pursue.
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NMP recently performed a survey of television professionals to better understand their views on video content discovery, metadata, branding and alternative distribution platforms. 
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