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NMP's Brand Genius

intelligent avatars for business

Brand Geniuses are NOT chat bots!

  • NMP has partnered with the best tech available to package an interactive voice-based AI for conversational engagement, product and service info, brand ambassadorship, training.

  • Business planning and strategies, UX design, development and deployment.

Reach out for a demo:

  • Real-time conversational AI for business .

  • Talk with Nemepa, the latest partner at Next Media Partners is our AI-powered avatar who can answer all your questions about out business, our brand, and our team.

NMP's Nemepa 

  • Nemepa is a humanized avatar that can hear you and speak to you.  A natural conversation.

  • She is a demonstration of a highly scalable intelligent avatar for business. 

  • She can take on any 3D form and have any voice, and any personality.

  • Talk with Nemepa about what she knows best - Next Media Partners!

  • Throw her a compliment or ask an interesting question.

  • Ask her about anything!

  • Click below to begin speaking.

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