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The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted everyone in many different ways.  For frontline workers, it has been especially challenging.  We greatly respect the commitment and sacrifices they have made.  In an effort to help in some way, we at Next Media Partners have created this mini-documentary series to help bring attention to the challenges being faced by those who make a living that requires the gathering of crowds - musicians, comedians, actors, and others associated with live performance.  For this group, the pandemic has been particularly devastating to their livelihood.  

Blown To Bits - a docu-series supporting live performing arts

episode 1
the lockdown

NMP explores the impact of Covid 19 on live performance in interviews with Bob Egan, professional pianist, entertainer and agent. We also speak with Bonnie Comley, .

episode 2
begin to pivot

Comcast's Elad Nafshi speaks about Internet Access Networks and rapid response required when America locks down.  Tamara Krinsky from Los Angeles is interviewed about the impact on live events and award shows.

episode 3

learning and growing

We take an early look at Bob Egan's online show and his early learnings. We also speak with David Wish from Little Kids Rock about the impact on learning and how technology is helping to keep his music education programs alive.

episode 4
new tech toys
on stage

NMP's Patrick Donoghue digs in on gaming graphics technology in a conversation with Ben Lumsden from Epic Games. Bonnie Comley from Broadway HD envisions a hybrid live and online future that's very good for business.

episode 5
let the (digital) music play on
NMP's Gerard Kunkel poses the question "what would you ask for from streaming platforms?"  David Wish tells us about hybrid education, and Ben Lumsden invites professional performers to make a tour stop at Fortnite's Island