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AI, VR, XR & metaverse powered experiences

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NMP brings over 100+ of leadership years of applying new technologies to product , service, and marketing opportunities.  NMP partners have been working with core technologies that power the metaverse along with VR / AR / MR extended reality  (XR) applications over the past 20 years. Whether you're looking to understand the "metaverse" and the principles that make up the drive to realize Web 3.0, or you're ready to build your first virtual experience, we can help you get there without overspending or wasting time.  

  • Intro to the metaverse

  • Executive briefings on virtual experiences AR/VR/MR

  • Pilot program definition and execution

  • Build and host virtual meetings

  • Custom interactive client experiences

  • Strategic planning

  • Marketing partnerships

  • Application of AI to metaverse

  • Experiential space design 

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