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ad product strategy 

with a leading U.S. advertising sales company

The client, an advertising and marketing service arm of a Fortune 100 telecommunications company, approached Next Media Partners (NMP) with a goal to transform itself into a leading provider of premium video advertising solutions delivered across all consumer video platforms. With a business time horizon of 18-36 months, NMP was engaged for a 6-month program to create a multi-year strategy for the products and technology needed to achieve this goal.


NMP started the strategy-building process by interviewing internal stakeholders and surveying solutions in the marketplace. NMP leveraged its industry knowledge, executive leadership experience, product-building experience, ad-tech experience, and well-proven new product design and development experience. NMP applied this expertise to connect high-level goals to specific products and development initiatives, ensuring plausibility and successful outcomes. NMP created a roadmap for development, deal-making, integration and test, market trial and deployment.



The outcome was a successfully mapped set of strategic objectives, presented to the client's leadership team with well-defined and constructed presentation materials and convincing fact-based storytelling. The strategy was backed up with critical decision-making supported by research and both 1P and 3P evidence, which led to the successful outcomes for the client. This strategy work led to the establishment of a mission critical north star used to guide all planning and development activities. Subsequently, the client requested additional work and expansion of activities across 20 additional engagements over the past 4 years.


NMP's expertise and experience in creating and executing strategic plans for clients resulted in a successful engagement for the client. The company's ability to connect high-level goals to specific products and development initiatives, backed up by research and evidence, has led to a long-term relationship with the client, resulting in additional work and expansion of activities. NMP’s carefully managed and experience guided approach to strategy development and execution has proven to be effective in delivering value to this and its other media and technology clients.

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