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Gerard Kunkel, Founder and Managing Partner, is an award winning designer, UX specialist, and business executive.  Gerard has been an executive advisor to Microsoft (media & entertainment strategy, and Xbox), ​a Comcast executive (advanced product, user experience, and president of the GuideWorks joint venture), and president of WorldGate (breakthrough Internet on TV technology).

Chris Falkner, Partner is a strategic business development and product executive, specializing in monetization of the convergence of IP-delivered video and traditional TV.  Chris has been an NBCUniversal executive (advanced TV and next generation TV strategy), an exec with ​Cuebiq (TV measurement) and co-chair of the Advanced TV Committee at the IAB.

Patrick Donoghue, Partner is an Emmy award-winning product strategy and product management executive focused on emerging media and entertainment. Patrick has been a founder and exec at Next Stop Willoughby (interactive media, VR & AR), an exec at Cablevision (user experience and emerging products), and an exec with Time Warner Cable (interactive TV and product management).

Sandra Howe, Partner is a senior executive with extraordinary go-to-market experience and deep knowledge of the global communications and media industries. Sandra has been president of Technetix (broadband cable network solutions), an exec at Arris Communications (telecom equipment, global marketing, global retail business), and board member of Minim (communications equipment). 

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