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an executive consulting and advisory firm at the intersection of technology and media
we help you survive and thrive in the rapidly evolving, hyper-competitive  media marketplace


We have spent our careers advising on or building strategies, plans, designs, and technology products for media and entertainment.  NMP specializes in making complex tech simple, and developing strategies for employing new tech to work for your business.

#NMPanswers is the company's signature advisory which combines with current market insights, with custom marketplace audits tailored for your business, product or service.

You're busy.  We get it.  But, how do you keep up with all the technology change in media?  Is your brand and UX the best it can be?


NMP is the answer.


Gerard Kunkel

Managing Partner / Founder

As a former Comcast exec who founded and ran both advanced product development, and the company’s first user experience organization, Gerard knows what it takes to define, build and lead teams that make important contributions to small, large and evolving media and technology companies.

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